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Dear Potential Donor
Please consider the following before you continue with the application form:

  1. 1. Before you proceed please make sure you have read Nurture’s FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions) by visiting as this will provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision about becoming a Nurture Donor.

  2. 2. We think it is WONDERFUL that you want to become an egg donor, it is a fantastic thing to do. However, it is not something to be taken lightly. “Wanting” to do something is very different to being able to do something. You might want to help someone by donating your eggs, but do you have the time? Can you commit to the process? Have you thought this through? What does your partner / boyfriend / girlfriend / mother / boss think of your decision? CAN you do this?

  3. 3. You will need to commit to approximately seven appointments at the fertility clinic from the start of the process to the end. Please note that these appointments will happen during working hours and cannot happen afterhours or on Saturdays/Sundays. It is very important that you can commit to the time required and that you are able to travel to and from the clinic to attend these appointments. You need to have a careful think about whether you can get time off from your work / studies etc to attend these appointments.

Please be mindful of spelling and grammar. Do NOT complete your entire application in capital letters.
Where you refer to yourself as 'I', please ensure you use upper case (I and not i).

Please take careful note of the following important requirements. (If you need further explanation on the points below, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions first:

  1. 1. Time commitment required:
    Are you aware that you will need to attend 7 appointments at the allocated clinic ( location of clinic will be determined if/when you are chosen) over a 3 month period if you are chosen to donate. Four of these visits occur over a two week period. You will have these dates/times in advance – but note that these visits happen during normal office hours and NOT on weekends or after hours.

  2. 2. Getting to the appointments:
    It is important that you consider how you will get to the clinic appointments on time as required. You will have to use your own transport or public transport; we cannot arrange transport for you. Are you able to get to the appointments on time as required?

  3. 3. Time off:
    If you are working/studying, will you get permission from your employer / supervisor / studies to take time off for the donation? Remember that you will need to attend approximately 7 appointments, 4 of which happen during a two week period. You will need one full day off on the final day when the eggs are retrieved. A doctor’s note can be provided if required.

-- Only ages between 19 and 32 permitted
Are there any known genetic diseases or conditions that run in your family? Please give their details below
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