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Dear Potential Donor

We are delighted that you have decided to apply to become a Nurture Egg Donor.

Please note: One of the fabulous Nurture donor team personally review every single application we receive. We truly admire the generosity and courage it takes to fill in an egg donor application but sometimes, for various reasons including logistical factors and SASREG regulated egg donor criteria, applications are not successful. Should you not have heard from us within 14 days it means your application has not met the necessary criteria, however you are most welcome to email us on for further information.

Some important notes before you continue:
Please be mindful of spelling and grammar.
Please Do NOT complete your entire application in capital letters.
Where you refer to yourself as 'I', please ensure you use upper case (I and not i).

Visit our FAQ page if you have any questions about egg donation:

-- Only ages between 19 and 30 permitted
Weight in kilograms:
Height in meters:

Below is a list of medical conditions pertaining to you and/or your immediate family members,
please read them carefully and respond with a Yes or a No.

Do you have/have you had any allergic reactions to anaesthesia?
Bi-Polar/Schizophrenia in you or any of your immediate family members?
Do you have/have you had breast cancer or breast cancer in two or more immediate family members?
Are you breast feeding or pregnant?
Diabetes – Type 1 in (yourself or immediate family)
Do you have epilepsy?
Glaucoma: Yourself or immediate family (parents or Grandparents)
Haemophilia/bleeding disorder: Yourself or immediate family
Are you HIV Positive?