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Dear Potential Egg Donor
We are delighted that you want to apply to become a Nurture Egg Donor. Please read the info below and then fill in the initial application form on this page.

Why be an Egg Donor?
By becoming an egg donor, you are doing something incredibly selfless, kind and caring. You are helping other people have the child they have longed for.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the basic requirements?
  • - Age between 19 and 30
  • - BMI between 18 and 28
  • - Matric
  • - Non-smoker, or be willing to stop smoking during the donation
How much do you get paid for donating your eggs?
You get paid between R8,000 and R10,000 per donation, depending on where you donate.
How does it work?
For a detailed explanation of exactly how the egg donation process works, please visit our website:
Is it painful?
Donating eggs is a painless procedure. Eggs are retrieved via conscious sedation, so you will be asleep and feel no pain during the 15-20 minute egg retrieval procedure.
How are the eggs retrieved?
While you are asleep under sedation, the doctor will insert a fine needle through the wall of your vagina to suction the eggs out into a test tube. So there is no cutting or scaring.
Is egg donation safe?
Egg donation is very safe! The highly qualified doctors will take excellent care of you.
Will donating my eggs affect my chance of having children one day?
No it won't. You are born with all the eggs you will ever have. When you do an egg donation cycle, the eggs that are collected are eggs that would have gone to waste in that particular cycle.
How do I apply?
Fill in the application form on this page
For more questions and answers, please visit the FAQ page on our website

-- Only ages between 19 and 30 permitted
Weight in kilograms:
Height in meters:

Below is a list of medical conditions pertaining to you and/or your immediate family members,
please read them carefully and respond with a Yes or a No.

Do you have/have you had any allergic reactions to anaesthesia?
Bi-Polar/Schizophrenia in you or any of your immediate family members?
Do you have/have you had breast cancer or breast cancer in two or more immediate family members?
Are you breast feeding or pregnant?
Diabetes – Type 1 in (yourself or immediate family)
Do you have epilepsy?
Glaucoma: Yourself or immediate family (parents or Grandparents)
Haemophilia/bleeding disorder: Yourself or immediate family
Are you HIV Positive?